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    Blackish: Is it the best Black sitcom ever? And where are its flowers?

    Blackish will, unfortunately, end after its upcoming 8th season, but can you believe we’ve already had 7 seasons of Blackish?  Admittedly, when it first dropped in September of 2014, I wasn’t too sure about the show. The only promise it had was my love for both Tracee Ellis Ross, who I loved from watching Girlfriends, […]

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    The Black TV Shows That Got Us Through 2020: Top 5 Shows of the Covid-19 Pandemic

    The Covid (20)19 virus that carried over into 2020 and is setting 2021 off on the wrong foot has been miserable for all. For Americans, you would’ve thought our many riches, advanced healthcare, and scientific expertise would have allowed us to get through this better than most.  We didn’t.  And if you’re black it has […]