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  • Insecure Characters at Tiffany's Going Away Party

    “Insecure” Recap: Season 5, Episode #9: ‘Out, Okay?’

    I ended my last post on “Insecure” wondering whether we’d get closure on Issa and Lawrence’s relationship. After watching Season 5, Episode #9, “Out, Okay?”, it seems like a foolish thing to have wondered. Of course, we’re going to get closure. However, while it’s clear it’s going to come, we didn’t get it in Episode […]

  • Issa Rae in Episode 8 of Insecure Season 5

    “Insecure” Recap: Season 5, Episode #8: ‘Choices, Okay?’

    In the episode before the penultimate episode of “Insecure,” we can really see them beginning to set up the finale of the series. From estate planning and wills to dreams deferred, the characters are thinking through some really big decisions that will really change the course of their lives–or at least the people around them.  […]

  • Issa Rae in Insecure Episode 6 of Season 5

    “Insecure” Recap: Season 5, Ep. #6 – “Tired, Okay?”

    First of all, can you believe that we’ve already reached 6 episodes and 5 weeks of watching and discussing our favorite show, “Insecure”…? It’s crazy how the time has flown while watching and consuming this amazing black show. It’s just another testament to what we’ve been missing in our TV viewing experience. Hopefully, “Insecure” isn’t […]

  • Blackish

    Blackish: Is it the best Black sitcom ever? And where are its flowers?

    Blackish will, unfortunately, end after its upcoming 8th season, but can you believe we’ve already had 7 seasons of Blackish?  Admittedly, when it first dropped in September of 2014, I wasn’t too sure about the show. The only promise it had was my love for both Tracee Ellis Ross, who I loved from watching Girlfriends, […]