“Insecure” Recap: Season 5, Ep. #5 – “Survival, Okay?”

In this episode of “Insecure”, we get a day-in-the-life-of-like view of our two main characters, Issa and Molly, and it’s quite the day. It starts off with Molly receiving oral sex from a date in the wee hours of the morning. Most importantly, we get another glimpse of just how in control Molly likes to be, with her giving very specific directions to her partner, making sure that he knows exactly what to do and when to do it, so that she can get the experience she wants to have. But everything that happens after this is the exact opposite of Molly being in control. 

Almost immediately after climaxing, Molly gets a call and learns that her mother is in the hospital for a stroke. She rushes to the hospital, in her freakum dress. In a worrisome, but very funny, moment, the doctor tells Molly and her family that they should tell their mother their goodbyes, but when taken to the dying woman, we see the doctor has confused Molly’s mom for another elderly black woman, and that Molly’s mom is just in a comma. This is the kind of off-color comedy that “Insecure” has long done very well.  

Throughout her time in the hospital, Molly learns just how much is not in her control. First, she learns that her mom had a previous stroke that her dad kept from her. Then she learns that her parents never handled all of the will and trust matters as she had instructed them to do. Lastly, the doctor informs Molly that her mother will likely be somewhat paralyzed following this stroke, and despite Molly asking what more she can do, her mom’s health is obviously out of her control. She does make one last attempt at controlling the situation, opting to be the bearer of the bad news to her family, rather than letting the doctor tell them. 

As for Issa, naturally, she is there for her friend throughout the entirety of the day. This is despite her waking up in Nathan’s bed and planning to spend the entire day with him, only to learn that she would need to go to the hospital to be with Molly. Upon getting there, she immediately offers to help her out, and they both decide switching Molly out of her freakum dress would be a good decision. Issa temporarily gives Molly her clothes, as they both admire each other in the other’s garments, both a nod to their friendship and perhaps a vision into a path not chosen. 

Upon arriving at Molly’s house, with her boy toy Nathan, they both decide it would make sense to walk Molly’s dog. During the walk, Issa’s mom calls her on FaceTime and then demands to talk with Nathan–meeting him for the first time while saying and doing mom-like things that embarrass the crap out of Issa. But Nathan, being the smooth-talking guy that he has been throughout his seasons on “Insecure”, handles it well and is happy to have met Issa’s mom. During the conversation though, they lose sight of the dog and go out looking for it. When they get back to Molly’s apartment, the dog ultimately shows up. Nathan makes the comment that the dog is “smarter than you gave him credit for”, seemingly referring to both the dog and himself. 

Throughout the day, Nathan has been staying by Issa’s side, and she lets him know that she couldn’t have made it through this difficult day without him. But then, perhaps in a moment of over-exuberance, she tells Nathan she loves him. However, he doesn’t say it back. 

Not too long after that moment, Issa is walking through the hospital, somehow stumbling through the pediatric unit, and sees Lawrence and Condola there with their son. For a moment, Issa and Lawrence lock eyes, perhaps wondering how in the world they ended up in these two very different places in life when I’m sure there was a time they both dreamt of being in the moment Lawrence was having with Condola, together. Issa quickly breaks eye contact with Lawrence and walks away, but immediately freezes once out of his view. Clearly, she’s taking a moment to think about what Lawrence meant to her. We can only imagine what seeing that made her feel, especially just moments after she’s told Nathan that she loves him and Nathan fails to say it back. 

There’s a lot of people rooting for Issa to stay away from Lawrence, but I think these people fail to see that Lawrence is not a bad guy. For all the issues Issa and Lawerence have had throughout these five seasons of “Insecure”, none of them were related to Lawrence being a bad-intentioned person or an inability to show love for Issa. If you really think about it, the main thing that Lawrence was guilty of was going through some semblance of acute depression, a mental health issue, different, but in the same vein as what Nathan struggles with, which also led to him letting Issa down. So am I ruling out the two of them getting back together? Of course not! I’m rooting for it. Because while Nathan may seem like the right choice at certain times, he has shown some commitment issues, including him not returning that “I love you”, an act I’m sure will come into play during these last 5 episodes of the series.

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