“Insecure” Recap: Season 5, Episode #9: ‘Out, Okay?’

I ended my last post on “Insecure” wondering whether we’d get closure on Issa and Lawrence’s relationship. After watching Season 5, Episode #9, “Out, Okay?”, it seems like a foolish thing to have wondered. Of course, we’re going to get closure. However, while it’s clear it’s going to come, we didn’t get it in Episode #9. 

Instead, we got the opposite of closure, as a contentious meeting between Nathan and Issa left us with more questions than answers–which we hope will be answered in next week’s series finale! 

Issa’s Lovers, Past and Present, Finally Meet 

This episode of “Insecure” starts off with Issa and Nathan looking at a new apartment together. They have yet to make a decision (a running theme for Issa in this episode), but they do seem intent on living with one another. They are all set to go to Tiffany’s going away party, and perhaps not surprisingly given his lack of interest in controversy, Nathan is not too thrilled about the prospects of Lawrence being there. 

The men at the party are all huddled up together, and as men have a propensity to do, they’re sitting around talking about BBQ. They start to get into it about who has the best BBQ, and when Nathan suggest the best BBQ is really in Houston, Lawrence feigns that he’s standing up for his newly adopted city of Los Angeles, but really his objection to Nathan’s claim is more about his objection to Issa being with Nathan instead of him. It gets tense between the two, but it ends there–for the time being. 

Throughout the party, you can see Lawrence glancing at Issa when she’s not looking. You can also see Issa glancing at Lawrence, Condola, and their son, when they’re not looking. But in each instance, their “date” to the party can see them looking at their ex, seemingly causing mixed reactions for both Condola and Nathan. 

Condola crosses paths with Issa in the kitchen when getting a bottle for her son. It’s an awkward moment, but Issa is cordial and says all of the right things. Condola is just as gracious. If we learn anything from this interaction, it’s (1) that Issa obviously didn’t have the guts to shoot the baby like a basketball as she did in her dream a few episodes back, and (2) Condola doesn’t appear to see Issa as the enemy, nor the other way around. Perhaps, that will inform Issa’s decision down the road if she feels she can stomach being with Lawrence with Condola as his baby’s momma. 

After a glance too many, and recalling his conversation with Chad in which he was essentially called a chicken for not fighting for Issa, Lawrence decides to run up on Issa when he thinks he can talk to her (semi) privately at the party. After a deluge of words, he eventually gets to the fact that he still loves Issa and that he wishes he had fought for her. Issa says she’s not sure fighting would have done anything–perhaps a reference to the fact that she just couldn’t stand being with him when he was having a baby with another woman. But Lawrence claims that he has changed and that the circumstances have changed. The man is pleading here. 

But eventually, their semi-private moment turns public, when Nathan walks up on the conversation, possibly having heard Lawrence claim his love for Issa. The two start to bark at each other, and ultimately, they make a gentleman’s honor attempt at fighting one another but are preempted by a number of folks breaking the two up, most notably, a very high Taurean (who we’ll get to later). 

In the end, what we have is a Lawrence who poured his heart out, a Nathan who pulled away from Issa when she tried to touch him, and an Issa who seems to have a decision to make? 

Other Things

There are probably a number of other things we can go into more deeply, but let’s be honest, that’s what this episode was all about and it’s probably what we’ll react to the most in the final episode. But to touch on the finer points: 

  • Molly – She finds herself high after Taurean brings edibles to an otherwise family-friendly party. However, being high ends up being the best thing that ever happened to Molly. Like Issa, she has some loose ends she can tie up, and with her being high, it allows her to say the honest thoughts that she wouldn’t have said otherwise. It’s her honest thoughts that compel the group to agree to get together for one another’s birthdays going forward. It’s her honest thoughts that make Molly okay telling her ex she’s okay with his divorce and to admit to Taurean about her past with said ex. And it’s her honest thoughts that gets her to admit she’s scared to fall for Taurean which results in him confessing that he’s only beginning to like her more (and it leads to sex in the pantry, so that’s a plus, right?). 
  • Tiffany – She’s clearly not too happy about moving to Denver, but she’s putting on a happy face to make it work. 
  • Kelli – Kelli is unfortunately ignored in this episode, outside of the fact that she seems to be dealing with Tiffany’s departure quite healthily. Though, I guess it is of note that her and Molly appear to be working together on this estate planning endeavor.
  • Condola – She initially seems very happy about the state of her relationship with Lawrence. You can almost be fooled to believe that she’s interested in dating him again, but his constant looks at Issa may have “scared” her away. 
  • Issa – Issa is rarely a footnote in these episodes, but she kind of was in this episode of “Insecure”. Obviously, she’s at the center of the love triangle, but she also has a decision to make about working with NBW or Crenshawn, getting a new apartment, and perhaps, really solidifying her relationship with Molly, as each of them is perhaps embarking on their first significant attempt at long-term love outside of one another. 

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