Another “Insecure” episode in the bag, and we have yet another episode that captured the hearts and minds of Black Twitter. So who’s side are you on? Issa’s or Nathans? 

Okay, maybe this episode didn’t exactly boil down to that, but it is the aforementioned couple that drove most of this episode of “Insecure”, Faulty, okay? 

The episode starts off with Issa, Kelli and Molly going to the beach to attend Nathan’s barbershop’s BBQ. Apparently, it’s been a week since the mishap when they were in bed together and Issa broke into tears. Nathan, when talking to his boys about it, seems confused about where he stands with Issa and ultimately thinks that she’s just not into him and that she legitimately just wanted to cuddle. Meanwhile, Issa–as awkward as ever–thinks that Nathan thinks she’s crazy and probably has moved on from her. 

When Nathan’s co-worker Resha (played by “Ayona”, star of BlackOakTV’s “Famous-ish”) arrives at the beach, she seems to get pretty close with Nathan, leaving Issa to think that the two may be having sex. But after Molly comes out and asks Resha, on Issa’s behalf, whether she was fucking Nathan, Reshe credibly denies it, stating that Nathan and she are like brother and sister. 

Now at a bar, after an earthquake puts an end to the beach BBQ, Issa is out to figure out where she and Nathan stand. Molly isn’t very helpful here as she tries to figure out which of the two guys fighting over is the one she should hook up. One could view this as Molly dipping back into only looking out for herself at a time when Issa is clearly having a “problem” of her own. However, I think Molly is well within her right to pursue her sexual desires in that moment, as Issa is not having any kind of crisis. The worst-case scenario is that Nathan doesn’t like her and she moves on. It happens. This wouldn’t even technically be a breakup. 

Just as Issa tries to pry some more, Nathan’s cousin pops up. It’s clear there’s an issue between Nathan, his cousin, and his cousin’s wife, but we can’t quite make it out. After the crew tries to sneak into a random Jason Derulo party, the cousin bails out, ultimately, revealing to Nathan that his past behaviors, which involved disappearing for days when he stayed with his cousin and his cousin’s wife and kids, just weren’t something he was quite over yet. It’s at this moment that we realize Nathan was hoping that inviting his cousin out would show him that he’s changed and that the mental issues he was going through before are not issues that afflict him on the level they used to. 

After Nathan’s cousin isn’t quite convinced, Nathan gives Issa the download and she seems to understand–perhaps learning for the first time that Nathan is manic. Despite the revelation, Issa and Nathan try to get past the awkwardness of the moment, ultimately addressing the issue right on the head. Issa admits that she wasn’t looking for anything, in particular, that night, and that her crying was beyond her control, and that she doesn’t just want to be friends with Nathan. Nathan admits that he wants to be more than just friends with Issa, but that he was worried that she could only see him as the guy with mental issues that disappeared on her last season.

Funny thing is, in the “Wine Down” after the show, Issa (creator of the show, not the character” does seem to clearly state that the crying in Episode 2 by her namesake character actually was related to what she had been going through with Lawrence.  Either way, Issa (the character) is not thinking about Lawrence by the end of this episode, as she and Nathan finally have a kiss that seems to solidify Issa’s desire to go after exactly what she wants–as elusive as it may have seemed!

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